Shooting 40 plus. When we honor it all.

I recently hit 40.  Heard a lot about how great the 30s was but was not completely sold, still struggling with who I was and what I wanted, and not completely comfortable in my own skin.  40 is when I started accepting my quirkiness and my far less than perfect life.  40 is when I realized that taking care of my mind and spirit was just as important as making sure the bills got paid.  40 is when I really started listening to myself.  It’s when I realized we need to honor it all.  That it all matters, and nothing is an accident, and there is no need to apologize.  For me, that meant I am a lawyer and now I am also a photographer and I will not make myself choose.  I think my sister, pictured here, a few years my senior, has known this for a while.  She enjoys a flexible teaching career, a my-kids-are-not-babies-anymore gym fit body and a busy social life.    She is an academic, a master of interior design, and has always had more close girlfriends than anyone I have ever known.  Comfortable with who she is and respectful of her wants and needs.  This is my sister, honoring it all.

3 Responses to “Shooting 40 plus. When we honor it all.”

  1. Leyna

    Well said…makes me proud to be 40 and to be your friend :)

  2. Lara

    So perfectly said, and such truth. <3

    Gorgeous shot!

  3. Pamela Bruzinski

    Such a great sentiment. Mel looks stunning as do you in all of the photos I have seen. Just read your blog. You truly are an amazing woman and what a gifted photographer. So envious. I would love to be a photographer, but am not good at all. LOL. Miss you Carrie.

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