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I like me better now.

  A male acquaintance recently espoused the notion to some of us ladies that women hit their expiration date at 40. That after this date we will no longer be hit on, considered “hot” or turn any heads. Oh – and he confirmed I was not an exception to this rule. The fact that some men –… Read more »

From Active Wear to Lingerie

A friend’s husband recently said to me, “I see all of these moms walking around in their pajamas with no make up… How do you get them to… ” At which point I cut him off and said, “take their clothes off?” Aside from pointing out that I don’t solicit, I told him that boudoir… Read more »

Shamelessly Feminine: Adding My Experience to the Jen Rozenbaum Shamelessly Feminine Project

I have not written in a while, but I am so inspired this morning.  Inspired by women.  Inspired by all of our talents, obligations (chosen for us or by us), and our vast array of strengths and interests. Inspired by the idea that dismissing a woman due to the fact that she holds many roles… Read more »

Shooting 40 plus. When we honor it all.

I recently hit 40.  Heard a lot about how great the 30s was but was not completely sold, still struggling with who I was and what I wanted, and not completely comfortable in my own skin.  40 is when I started accepting my quirkiness and my far less than perfect life.  40 is when I… Read more »

From Head Shots to Hot Shots

  Although we typically think head shots are necessary while glamour shots are a mere luxury, we place too little importance on building our self worth and confidence, which is what will get us where we want to be.  M did her head shots with me as a request from her company for their website…. Read more »

More Than Just Mom

It’s not that I don’t like shooting families and kids.  But for me, it doesn’t derive the same kind of gratification as reminding a woman, say a mom, that she is fascinating, powerful and beautiful unlike anyone else.  I believe there is great importance in bringing the attention of women, who play a multitude of… Read more »