From Active Wear to Lingerie

A friend’s husband recently said to me, “I see all of these moms walking around in their pajamas with no make up… How do you get them to… ” At which point I cut him off and said, “take their clothes off?” Aside from pointing out that I don’t solicit, I told him that boudoir is not about the amount of clothes that you’re wearing – it’s about intimacy, vulnerability and truth. It’s about telling your story. It’s about embracing your femininity and sexuality, even though you walk around in active wear all day. It’s about being brave and about introspection and self-awareness. And it’s about recognizing what makes you beautiful unlike anyone else. So, as I told this hubby, while I don’t get these ladies drunk and drag them to my studio, I do sincerely and passionately encourage their journeys to self empowerment, and take great pleasure in observing the change in them from that day forward. Much love and appreciation to all the women that have let me share in this beautiful experience.

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