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From Active Wear to Lingerie

A friend’s husband recently said to me, “I see all of these moms walking around in their pajamas with no make up… How do you get them to… ” At which point I cut him off and said, “take their clothes off?” Aside from pointing out that I don’t solicit, I told him that boudoir… Read more »

Shooting 40 plus. When we honor it all.

I recently hit 40.  Heard a lot about how great the 30s was but was not completely sold, still struggling with who I was and what I wanted, and not completely comfortable in my own skin.  40 is when I started accepting my quirkiness and my far less than perfect life.  40 is when I… Read more »

From Head Shots to Hot Shots

  Although we typically think head shots are necessary while glamour shots are a mere luxury, we place too little importance on building our self worth and confidence, which is what will get us where we want to be.  M did her head shots with me as a request from her company for their website…. Read more »

More Than Just Mom

It’s not that I don’t like shooting families and kids.  But for me, it doesn’t derive the same kind of gratification as reminding a woman, say a mom, that she is fascinating, powerful and beautiful unlike anyone else.  I believe there is great importance in bringing the attention of women, who play a multitude of… Read more »