I like me better now.


A male acquaintance recently espoused the notion to some of us ladies that women hit their expiration date at 40. That after this date we will no longer be hit on, considered “hot” or turn any heads. Oh – and he confirmed I was not an exception to this rule. The fact that some men – that any man – thinks this way came as an even greater shock to me in light of my transformative summer boudoir shoot with incredibly talented Jen Rozenbaum, and appreciation and dare I say happiness with my 41 year old self that came along with it.  In my twenties or thirties, I would never have the self-interest or hubris to celebrate myself in that way.  And it’s that confidence and inner peace that make us beautiful.  So, to this acquaintance, I responded that women are attractive because of their spirit and their vibe which are ageless. And that in fact, I like me better now.   Image by Jen Rozenbaum (although cropped for public viewing), who I thank dearly for this experience.


3 Responses to “I like me better now.”

  1. Meredith

    Well said. Xo

  2. guadalupe perez

    Amazing Carrie! so true! celebrate yourself my dear

  3. Michelle

    I look and feel better than I did at 20 — ask anyone who knew me then, and judging from the number of men who show interest in me now, I dare say you’ve got at least another ten years in you. Men on the other hand … I can’t tell you how many I’ve met and thought were my age when they were actually in their late 30s or early 40s. #AgingDefiantly

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